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Restless Angelic

This restless angel changed her heart, emptied love
Left me blind running through the streets
All my past and future, my life regrets my poisoned heart
It died slowly and spread its disease constantly

Into the mouths of the ones I love
Drowning the ones that care in my misery
Breathe deeply and join me in this pitiful existence
That only waits its chance to suck you in and suck you dry

Those poor blind innocents, lovely and loving
Seeking my company not knowing or seeing that I am loneliness, emptiness, despair, misery
All the things they seek to escape they find with me

Injected with false love and dead hopes
I wear the mask of the fallen
My sympathy is anger
My love is vengeance

No longer the open heart looking for a matching soul
The parasitic souls encountered have passed along their vile disease
To spread to others like an emotional virus
Like some soul sucking vampire created by the bitter taste of pure sweetness

Depositing my bile with every kiss
That restless angel crushed hope, eviscerated love and left me like her
Seeking comfort in falsehoods, attention in use, love in the shallows
Yet somehow, that wretched angel still felt like home.
Still looked like love.
Still made me wallow in the misery that was not being alive with her

How could so many memories be casually left behind to suffer the rotting withering kiss of time?
How could everything shared be allowed to be forgotten as if it meant nothing?
As if time had simply skipped a beat along with my heart
I lived black out memories then because I couldn’t bear to forget our yesterdays
I could not cast things aside as easily as her

And I would attend her wedding
And I’d recognize the smile upon her face as the smile that welcomed me home
And I’ll remember the look in her eyes as the look that once said she loved me
Once upon a time in another life
When I was someone else betrayed by my own naivety


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