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So after all the years spent blogging on social networking sites, I’ve decided to start my own blog. I think I was inspired by Julie and Julia. I know it’s not the manliest place to find inspiration.  By the way its’ a good movie, some of the plot points even the manliest man could understand. Go for it even when the odds are completely against you, follow your interests and dreams, no matter what, and the “You just never know” factor.

All things I could definitely understand spent the last 13 years rotting away as a restaurant and retail manager. I’ve pursued my dreams to be a musician,a  poet, and writer;  no matter how hard it was to find the time to dedicate to it. If you are new to the Harry world, I was writing a novel and in the meantime submitting, and having short stories published along with the ever-present need for poetic venting.

I don’t understand the reason I stopped. Probably the birth of my son and a whole new set of priorities. I think fear had a lot to do with it too. Fear of the consequences of being a starving artist now that another mouth would starve with me. And, I realized last night as I was reading the 10 chapters I had completed, in some strange way, I scared myself. The story left me with a completely creepy feeling, and being home alone I was tensing up at every noise I heard during and after reading it.

Now I know this sounds like hype but, I’ve always had a crazy imagination and it usual runs away with me. Damn, I still don’t sleep with the lights off if I’m sleeping alone. Sounds childish but even Stephen King has admitted some of his work came from, or was inspired by, his own nightmares.

I’d like to think that what people find interesting in my writing is that I don’t really find interest in impossible fantasy and I don’t strive to make beautiful poetic prose with flowery $1.00 words or meter.  I write  in a very honest and direct manner. Simply molding the words to fit.

I’m hoping that I can do this to my new endeavor writing articles for the Examiner. Give my pieces a view and let me know whether or nor I’m boring you stiff . The Examiner.

Remember as always feedback is appreciated and wanted. It’s the only way a creative person can grow and improve.


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