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Shea turned two today. I’m looking back at the last two years and I wish I could have provided more. He’s a happy spoiled boy but, I’m not happy about what I can do and give him. I want to give him more than just stuff. I want to run around, take him to the park, play with him.

This Multiple Sclerosis shit has started to take a heavy toll. I can barely walk straight. And after less than an hour on my feet my body is on the verge of collapse. I’m covered in bruises from all the tumbles I take. I fell today getting up to get a drink. My dad says I suddenly didn’t have a left leg, I went down so quick. I’m going to the ER as soon as someone wakes up. I didn’t say anything but I was hurting and I still am, I have to try and take care of this.

I have faith in what I hold close to my heart. But, this is starting to take a toll and be a burden for everyone. I’m starting to lose more than I’m willing to give up on.


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