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Sometimes you need to LISTEN to what you did, from the mouth of the person you wronged. You’ll be amazed at how horrible you were. If you can even stand to make that effort.

That First Bitter Sip

I’ve been searching for a second chance
Though I couldn’t be bothered to even spare a second glance
To the one’s I hurt, and why they hurt. Just being selfish trying to quench this thirst.
For god, for heaven, for piece of mind. There’s no redemption until you feel your crimes.
It’s easy saying sorry, it’s just a way to feel better
A way to keep on going and never have to read the letters
Stained with tears from the pain that you caused
Dipped in the innocence and love that they lost
You blame the world for all your sins; the truth is it all came from within
Sorry is an easy word on which villains build their thrones
Forgiveness; now that’s another thing. You can’t get it on your own.


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