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I’ve cleared up some karmic debt I had built up over the years. From the distant past to the recent. I know it’s hard to understand if it’s not your karma and if the recent past involving that karma has hurt you.

I was an asshole. In my youth I really didn’t care about ANYONE. I did things I could never really take back. But, I could apologize for. And now that I have my current life wants to fall apart I want to atone. It’s difficult to understand why I felt the need to apologize. I woke up one day and that was weighing on me. Like God found it in the closet and made me try it on.

I faced it and now I feel free. But the negative that follows me has turned the little bit of good that I had in my life against me. I’ve said recently there is no redemption without consequence. I’m clean and I know that. I know that God sees that I’ve cleaned some of the dirt off my soul. Now I will just have to deal with the consequences knowing, this time I walk in the light.


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