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Monthly Archives: June 2010

I’ll have to post for two days since yesterday was so hectic I didn’t have the chance to be online

Day 13- Left Belly Shot – Picked up my boy for 3 nights. Almost forgot to inject so I did the shot in the car on the way home. One of the best I’ve given myself. No site reaction, no bug bite bump.

We stooped at Mickey D’s for a snack got a mocha latte for myself and fries and a snack wrap to share with Shea. Gotta say I love the McDonald’s new coffee’s as good, if not better, than D ‘n D and cheaper!

Day 14 – Right Belly Shot – Good shot again! I’m 2 for 2! Minor red mark, some cold took care of that. Day 2 with my son is going awesome went to pick up Grandma at the Laundromat. Been walking pretty well recently. I know Copaxone doesn’t have any immediate effects on MS just sustains your level of function but, I have been feeling great since I started treatment! Way to go Copax!!


Copaxone Day#12 – Right thigh shot. Today’s shot was not bad at all. Reaction was minimal. I’m getting used to this and I’m getting better at injecting myself. Never thought I’d be doing this but, we do what we have to.

Be Well, stay strong.

Day 11-Copaxone-Back of Left Arm.
Well this time I didn’t screw up or hit any nerves in my arm. No dead feeling in my arm like last time. Site was a little red but no sting or pain. As always a bug bite type welt around the injection site with is still slightly tender but, nothing horrible. The info pamphlet for Copaxone states that some of the side effects and reactions I’ve heard and read about my occur after a month on treatment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

So bored today that I was actually looking forward to my shot. My stamina and walking have improved since the hospital stay and Copaxone started but, so did the 100 degree weather. If you have knowledge of or have MS then you know that all the weakness, balance issues, etc. get worse with heat. Same way a power plant experiences blackouts and brownouts during heat waves. So the weather being beautiful, kept me in today. Still a great day. I hung out with Megan Fox and Optimus Prime so I can’t complain.

Overall disappointing day. Mets lost to the Twins, Team USA was eliminated from the World Cup games, and my son’s mom came to pick him up.

Tried for the back of the arm injection again. I nailed it this time. No tingly arm or numb hand after. Moved up about 2 in from where I injected last time further up from the elbow. Minimal welt and redness that went away after about 30 minutes. It’s been about 4 hours now since I injected and there’s nothing more then a sore spot like someone punched me in the arm. That’s pretty good. On to the 11 and what it will bring.

Rest assured this theme IS going to go up to cover at least my first year of shots. Why? why not. Actually think it might have been cool to read someone else’s experience with MS meds before I had one chosen for me. I would have known how sick Betaseron made you feel at least. I’ll trade an injection a day for not feeling like garbage every other day.

In all fairness, everyone reacts differently just because it was harsh on my system doesn’t mean it is on everybody’s. Daily injections aren’t the best but, it’s way better than no meds at all.

OK so day 9-Left Thigh-Stung quite a bit today. Didn’t bleed a lot like yesterday’s shot. And the mosquito bite type welt I always get around my injection site was not as large either. Good shot day. Had to knock Ibuprofen off my post-injection routine because of the “possibility of severe/possibly fatal medical condition when taken with Ibuprofen containing products” warning on one of my pills. Still the ice and Neosporin are working fine on their own.

Seize the day!

Day #8- Left Thigh shot. Hurt and bled like hell AND still hurts. I have my little boy for the next couple of days and I didn’t want him to see me inject but, he also can’t have me disappear. So, I rushed to get it done before he noticed I was missing. I thought his infatuation with iCarly would keep him occupied. The banging on the bedroom door and shouts for “Daddy” started immediately, even though iCarly and his Granma were with him to keep him company.

Needless to say, I rushed the shot and forgot one critical step to proper self-injection. I didn’t pinch off the 2 inches of skin, of which I have plenty. Let me tell you, for the first time since I started Copaxone, it HURT LIKE HELL. I must of gone too deep because I felt every bit of the 20mg entering my system. Also bled quite a bit when I removed the needle. Well, quite a bit for a small needle.

Ouch, well as I type the injection site is going numb so and Granma is being hit with a Whack-a-mole hammer. So I guess I gotta go.

Day 7 was a good day. Fell down outside my house and actually laughed my ass off. I had to just sit on the pavement and laugh before I could even try to get up. One thing you learn with MS, don’t take yourself too seriously. LOL. See? I’m still laughing about it.

Today was a Belly shot, right-side. Site bled a little when I pulled out the needle. But everything else seems fine. Doing the Neosporin/Cold pack routine as I type. Oh well “Carry On”; as in move forward not go away.

Sorry, if I’m going to inject myself everyday for life, I’m going to tell you about it. OK, day 6 in the belly, I was lazy, didn’t feel like going through the trouble of doing the back of the left arm. Was pretty normal, little redness around the site but, no pain or real reaction.

Feeling good, really happy, might be due to the new meds. Whatever the reason it feels good to not be sick AND miserable. Beside what do I really have to be miserable about anyway? All I’ve got is MS.

And no I’m not being sarcastic.

Day Five. Back of the arm. Not sure if I did something wrong, followed the instructions for self injecting into the back of my arm. I knew right away it was going to be a bad shot day. As soon as I put the needle in I could feel a tingle down me funny bone. Injected and the tightness .that is a side effect, kicked in but took my elbow and hand with it. I could feel the meddicine going in, first time I’ve felt it.

A few minutes of ice pack and a couple of Ibuprofen took care of the sting. Still almost 2 hours later I can feel the injection site and have a little stiffness. I could try and blame the pins and needles in my left hand on the injection but, I always have that.

Oh well, 1 bad injection out of 5 is pretty good. Especially considering EVERY shot was a bad one on the last med.

The injection today was the best of the 4 I’ve taken. Everything seems to be going well.

I spent the day with my son, Shea, and my dad playing, singing, and watching the Mets game. It was an awesome Fathers’ Day even though the Mets lost. We all had a great time together.

It’s hard seeing my ex but, she’s an awesome mother and we still love each other very much. She brought my son over Saturday night along with an awesome “Happy Fathers’ Day” ice cream cake. And came over to get him late Sunday after I’d spent Fathers’ Day with our son. We made a tough choice, we decided 2 happy homes would be better than one dysfunctional relationship for our son. It is very hard to deal with at times. We’d been together 6 years and through a lot of hard times. More hard times then I ever expected anyone to stand by me through. But it is what’s best for Shea. And at the more difficult times I remind myself that we were friends first and that hasn’t changed. It may not be as warm in my bed at night, but that’s really all that’s gone.

I love being a father. I love my son. I stay positive and take medication so that I can be there for him. Multiple Sclerosis has affected everything but, it will not take anything. It won’t stop me, as hard as it may try.


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