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Once again I am shocked by the utter shallowness of the news media. The big story I woke up to this morning was the speculation of whether or not Sarah Palin has breast implants. Who cares? This is the news? Have we nothing more important to worry about than the breasts of a middle age charlatan politician? There MUST be a shortage of wars, disease, and disasters to report on.

I mean there MUST be for Sarah Palin’s tits to be a major news story. Someone tell me the wars are over, a super cure-all has been discovered, and God has come to the Pope to apologize for and restore every disaster that’s ever happened. While you’re at it tell me that world hunger has been ended. That’s the only way that Sarah Palin’s breast will ever be interesting news!!!!

When did major network news become the National Enquirer and TMZ?!


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  1. i guess sarah palin didnt had a breast implant

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