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Today was my second day on Copaxone therapy for my Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed 3 years ago and lost my job and my insurance. After a long uphill journey I finally achieved the montain top that people with chronic illnesses and no money, like me, call US State Medicaid. YES!!!

My medicaid allowed me to finally get my med. And boy was I surprised at the $12000.00 prescription bill they covered. Insane how expensive the drugs that MS survivors need to function are. I’m glad I could get them.

The shots list a wide array of side effects and reactions, which I have been lucky enough not to have experienced yet. Day one was a little stinging at the injection site and some redness that lasted about 15 minutes. Today was a bright red mark and stinging. A little ice compress, Advil, and Neosporin took care of that in about 30 minutes. I think the reaction had to do with me injecting the last bit of medicine too quickly.

Stay tuned to the continuing journey. Ever since my fiancee left me about a month ago, blogging and the internet are my sole source of comfort and companionship. BE WELL.


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