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The injection today was the best of the 4 I’ve taken. Everything seems to be going well.

I spent the day with my son, Shea, and my dad playing, singing, and watching the Mets game. It was an awesome Fathers’ Day even though the Mets lost. We all had a great time together.

It’s hard seeing my ex but, she’s an awesome mother and we still love each other very much. She brought my son over Saturday night along with an awesome “Happy Fathers’ Day” ice cream cake. And came over to get him late Sunday after I’d spent Fathers’ Day with our son. We made a tough choice, we decided 2 happy homes would be better than one dysfunctional relationship for our son. It is very hard to deal with at times. We’d been together 6 years and through a lot of hard times. More hard times then I ever expected anyone to stand by me through. But it is what’s best for Shea. And at the more difficult times I remind myself that we were friends first and that hasn’t changed. It may not be as warm in my bed at night, but that’s really all that’s gone.

I love being a father. I love my son. I stay positive and take medication so that I can be there for him. Multiple Sclerosis has affected everything but, it will not take anything. It won’t stop me, as hard as it may try.



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