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Day Five. Back of the arm. Not sure if I did something wrong, followed the instructions for self injecting into the back of my arm. I knew right away it was going to be a bad shot day. As soon as I put the needle in I could feel a tingle down me funny bone. Injected and the tightness .that is a side effect, kicked in but took my elbow and hand with it. I could feel the meddicine going in, first time I’ve felt it.

A few minutes of ice pack and a couple of Ibuprofen took care of the sting. Still almost 2 hours later I can feel the injection site and have a little stiffness. I could try and blame the pins and needles in my left hand on the injection but, I always have that.

Oh well, 1 bad injection out of 5 is pretty good. Especially considering EVERY shot was a bad one on the last med.


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