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Rest assured this theme IS going to go up to cover at least my first year of shots. Why? why not. Actually think it might have been cool to read someone else’s experience with MS meds before I had one chosen for me. I would have known how sick Betaseron made you feel at least. I’ll trade an injection a day for not feeling like garbage every other day.

In all fairness, everyone reacts differently just because it was harsh on my system doesn’t mean it is on everybody’s. Daily injections aren’t the best but, it’s way better than no meds at all.

OK so day 9-Left Thigh-Stung quite a bit today. Didn’t bleed a lot like yesterday’s shot. And the mosquito bite type welt I always get around my injection site was not as large either. Good shot day. Had to knock Ibuprofen off my post-injection routine because of the “possibility of severe/possibly fatal medical condition when taken with Ibuprofen containing products” warning on one of my pills. Still the ice and Neosporin are working fine on their own.

Seize the day!


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