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Day 11-Copaxone-Back of Left Arm.
Well this time I didn’t screw up or hit any nerves in my arm. No dead feeling in my arm like last time. Site was a little red but no sting or pain. As always a bug bite type welt around the injection site with is still slightly tender but, nothing horrible. The info pamphlet for Copaxone states that some of the side effects and reactions I’ve heard and read about my occur after a month on treatment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

So bored today that I was actually looking forward to my shot. My stamina and walking have improved since the hospital stay and Copaxone started but, so did the 100 degree weather. If you have knowledge of or have MS then you know that all the weakness, balance issues, etc. get worse with heat. Same way a power plant experiences blackouts and brownouts during heat waves. So the weather being beautiful, kept me in today. Still a great day. I hung out with Megan Fox and Optimus Prime so I can’t complain.


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