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I’ll have to post for two days since yesterday was so hectic I didn’t have the chance to be online

Day 13- Left Belly Shot – Picked up my boy for 3 nights. Almost forgot to inject so I did the shot in the car on the way home. One of the best I’ve given myself. No site reaction, no bug bite bump.

We stooped at Mickey D’s for a snack got a mocha latte for myself and fries and a snack wrap to share with Shea. Gotta say I love the McDonald’s new coffee’s as good, if not better, than D ‘n D and cheaper!

Day 14 – Right Belly Shot – Good shot again! I’m 2 for 2! Minor red mark, some cold took care of that. Day 2 with my son is going awesome went to pick up Grandma at the Laundromat. Been walking pretty well recently. I know Copaxone doesn’t have any immediate effects on MS just sustains your level of function but, I have been feeling great since I started treatment! Way to go Copax!!


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