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It’s not always easy keeping track of life with an awesome, entertaining two year old running around. And I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Injection #16 – Back of The Left Arm

So much easier using my right hand. If it were up to me my left arm would would like a battered UFC fighter. The injection went well. I don’t really even notice the needle anymore. Of course there was the delayed sting and welt. The red site reaction was minimal. A little cold pack and some Neosprorin, as always, took care of what reaction I had.

In other “so far so good” news the injection site discoloration and degradation I experienced while on another MS med, do not seem to be a hallmark of Copaxone. I am loving this treatment. I hate having to stick a needle in myself everyday but, if it’s going to keep me enjoying my son’s childhood without making me sick for 50% of it, I’d inject once an hour.

Stay strong, be well!


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