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Part of the problem with a daily, lifelong regiment of therapy is how easy it is to forget when and how you injected. Such is the story of injections 23 and 24. I don’t remember taking them and I don’t remember what injection site I put them in or even if I rotated sites properly.

It was a busy two days, trying to spend as much time as possible with my son for the time he’s with me. Shea has gotten the idea of closing the laptop on my hands whenever I’m on it. I usually wait for a time when he’s so fascinated by what’s on TV that he doesn’t want to even know I’m in the same room. This is usually during iCarly or a commercial. Now if I try to take advantage of that time to blog or read mail, “snap” goes the lid.

If I had a better memory I’d remember my injections without this blog. But, seeing as I do not have a great memory for meds and med schedules I must carry ob


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