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Day 26 – Left Hip- GREAT shot today. LOL. Needed mom’s help for the left hip. Needle went in, hurt like hell, and then I let go. So the needle hung from my hip and then fell out. SO, today’s hip injection became a left stomach injection. Hip hurt like hell and so did the stomach injection. Both combined really sucked.

On a positive note, my best friend Frank called me out of the blue and invited me to the Iron Maiden concert. I was nervous as hell about going out for hours in the heat, and going to a show. But, I’m glad I did. As soon as we got past the ticket line at PNC Arts Center we were directed to Special Needs Seating, I’d brought my walker because canes suck in grass, and sat and enjoyed a great show. As soon as Maiden came on the temperature became almost chilly so everything seemed to go my way. What an awesome time. Thank you Frank.


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