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No ill effects from my night out at the Iron Maiden concert! Very happy.

Day 26 – Left Hip – Let me tell you I cannot bend the way I need to for the hip injections. Well, at least so I can see the hip injection. I ended up trying, unsuccessfully, three times before getting it done on the 4th attempt. Once I passed right through the pinch of flesh I had prepped for the shot. I was awkwardly aiming the injection and ended up going through top and bottom and squirting some medicine on my leg and the floor. Very awkward. So I pulled the needle out and went for try number 4! Got it that time.

The hip injection site are the ones that hurt me the most. Lost of needle pain going in, lots of sting as the med gets injected, pain coming out, and pain for about a half hour after. Still, better than getting sicker!


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