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Day 30 – Left Belly Shot
Readied my supplies for injection and as I pulled out the last pre-filled syringe in the box, I realized I’d been on this therapy for 30 days. One whole month of daily self-injections. Today’s reaction was just the sting. After taking my injection I received a FedEx package from Shared Solutions, Copaxone’s patient assistance network. The package contained all sorts of goodies, a syringe grip, cooling and heating pad, travel pack for medication a 2010 daily planner to help track symptoms and relapse, a magnetic dry erase chart to track injection sites, and all sorts of goodies. Well goodies to someone who has to inject this med everyday. Everything in the package makes living with the therapy a little easier and that’s extremely important. MS is hard enough.

Today was great overall, went shopping with my brother and actually made it through the whole trip. A little unsteady at the end but not like the extreme fatigue I’d suffered almost immediately in the past. Neurologists exam yesterday was pretty good after 3 hours of tests. I’d improved significantly since the hospital although they saw signs of fatigue during the repetitive motion exercises/test. So as long as I don’t stress, don’t expose myself to heat, and don’t attempt to be active for extended periods, I should be able to maintain my current level of disability or improve. Let’s hope for the improved part.


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