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So I suck at posting on the days my son is with me. I want and need to spend time with him. That’s pretty normal. Dad is feeling better but, he’s a little insane I think. Went ballistic on me the other day. Spent yesterday home as punishment lol.

Shea visited Grandma’s Thursday and spent about 15 minutes looking for Trix. How do you tell a 27 month old that Trix is dead? Well he concentrated on “Usky” the rest of the day, so I guess it was all good. Other than that Auntie Ive and cousin Misha came over for dinner yesterday. Shea is all about them. Had to give him a bath so they could escape.

Day 58 – Right Thigh
I have a bruise from last week’s injection. I didn’t notice until today and I bled a bit after the shot today. Nothing major, just not the usual. No sting or residual pain with today’s injection. YAY!

Be well!


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