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The hardest races to run are the ones you run alone. I knew when the doctors told me Multiple Sclerosis was a chronic lifelong disease, it wasn’t going to be fun. When I read more about it and the slow debilitation and downward progression, I refused to accept it would happen to me. I know people who have has MS much longer than me who don’t show any signs and live normal lives. But my work and play til I drop lifestyle took me too far. I went three years without insurance, so without medication. Overall it wasn’t a good situation and it took it’s toll.

I’m always a bit off balance, I have a swollen, pains and needle, numbness in my feet and my one finger, and I get so fatigued walking for a few minutes that I want to drop. Not a great way to run a race but, one I run in the wind and rain. All alone to the finish, one way or another. And that’s all I can hope to do for now. Keep running the race and try to make it until they find a cure or until my race is done.

Be well….


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