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I haven’t really been keeping up with the daily aspect of this blog, due to turmoils in my personal life. My dad has been in the hospital since Saturday. He had a growth removed today and they wanted to perform surgery tomorrow to remove two large growths from his stomach/colon area. He doesn’t want to stay any more and would rather not which I can’t blame him for. However. I know I would suffer any pain to be alive for my child. And I know that he is needed by my mother and his family, even though we may be too old or too wrapped up in our own lives to show it.

GI cancer runs in my dad’s side of the family. My grandmother died of colon cancer and my sister is surviving with stomach cancer, so I don’t find it hard to believe that it’s a possibility for my dad too. He hadn’t had a colonoscopy in 45 YEARS! I know it’s not the greatest thing but, I’m all set to schedule mine since they say that you should begin screening 15 years from the age of a sibling or parent, and my sister was diagnosed at 49, so guess what? I’ll be 34 in 16 days.

Day 69 – Left Thigh
I did it quick and it turned out bloody. As was capping the needle to dispose of it the needle come out through a side of the cap and lodged in my thumb. Not a great moment but, it was survivable.



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