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It just hit me today, as I removed a syringe from the fridge to warm to room temperature, how much prepping my injection reminds me of prepping for a lethal injection. A little melodramatic yes, but it’s an observation I can’t fail to notice. I know the injections are a way to slow the progression of Multiple Sclerosis but, they are also a daily reminder of the fact that I am sick. As if I could ever forget anyway.

I am a hermit due to MS, for the most part. I stay locked in my apartment with the air conditioning set to 64 BOT air conditioners, turning my little place into a refrigeration unit. With heat being my biggest enemy. Balance and fatigues being a close second. Although sometimes they all like to gang up on me at once.

It’s all good. I get my boy 3 days a week and for three days I don’t really think about being sick, except to take my injection. It’s all good.

Day 76 – Stomach

Be Well.


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