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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Day 118-Left Thigh
Definitely got the bee sting today. Wow. It’s been about 8 minutes as I’m writing and getting more painful by the second. So far no hives, indentations (Liprotrophy), necrosis, or other long team injection treatment effects. But, it’s only been 118 days so, keep your fingers crossed.

Today was a great day. Woke up at 5:00am, big brother came by around 9:00ish and we got some papers out of the way, did some mailing, and cleaned up. Signed up for WALK MS 2011 and feel pretty good about being able to do it.

Got some good news today.

Be well!


Day 111 – Right Thigh
The injection was pretty much the highlight of my day. After having such an exciting day yesterday, today was quite a let down.

I went to Shop Rite with my big brother early, to stock up on the necessities for Shea’s visit this week. Nothing major to report today. I’ve hit a little bit of a block on the script but, it can use some editing anyway so I’m using this creative delay to get that accomplished.

That’s pretty much all I have for today.

Be well!!!

Day 110 – Belly
Typical belly injection. No real reaction. Checked all my injection sites for any signs of long-term injection site breakdown. So far, so good.

Today was a good day. Cooked dinner again for the second day in a row. Didn’t feel any fatigue or balance problems. New pain meds are working well and not causing any drowsiness, that’s another plus.

Just read today that the Masters Of Horror:Damned If You Don’t anthology, my short story was chosen for, may include a short story by Stephen King. It would be incredible if my story were to share a cover with one of Stephen King’s!

Day 109 – Left Hip
Yes the hip injections still suck, they still react worst than any other injection site. But it’s getting easier and better every time.

This week I actually WALKED through Shop Rite for an entire trip, no buggy, just my cane and my legs. Good deal, walked about an hour and a half to two hours and no fatigue. Spent the week taking early morning walks to my parents house and feeling great.

Had my staples removed on Wednesday. Picked up Shea and actually felt good and comfortable picking him up when he ran to me at his mom’s house.

I had one of my short stories, “The Turning”, chosen for the Masters Of Horror : Damned If You Don’t short story anthology. And I’ll probably be finished writing, rewriting, and editing my screenplay by the end of this week.

It’s been a good, healthy week for me. I hope everything continues to move forward like it has been. Wish me luck.

Be Well!

Day 103 – Right Thigh
The injection hurt like hell last night. Don’t know if I hit a vein or what. But the needle hurt going on and it felt like I was fighting to press the plunger and inject the meds. Overall it just hurt. Not as bad as the staples in my head but, it hurt.

I went shopping around 7am, which seems to be the only calm time to shop at Kearny Shop Rite. Texted my big brother at around 6am and was out the door an hour later. Gotta love a normal person with the same sleep pattern as me. He just gets 8 hours compared to my two to four.

Spent the rest of the day in bed dozing off and waking up. I felt like someone had slipped me a roofie. Succumbed to the roofie as soon as the Giants game was over. Woke up at 4am and now I’m bored as hell. The only thing I have to look forward to today is going to the doctor to have the staples removed from my head, hopefully. Oh well, just another day in the life.

Be well!

Day 101- Right Hip
The hip injections still suck! Injection site reacted badly, a welt the size of a palm. It was gone after a few hours and I’ve gotten used to the pain and itch.

Went to Cici’s Pizza today with Shea, grandma, and papa. We spent about 2 hours or so there while Shea bought Easter eggs out of the coin machine and papa ate as slow as ever. I gotta say Taco Pizza is pretty good, all it’s missing is the sour cream.

Me and Shea passed out super early tonight. I woke up this morning at around 4am and didn’t get back to sleep. So, at 6:30/7:00, after I gave Shea his bath we both passed out. Shea and I woke up about an hour ago and it looks like he’s ready to get back to sleep. I hope I can too. Mandee will be here at 9am to pick him up so I don’t want to be feeling like a character out of the Hangover. I’ll be testing the effects of my meds tomorrow, as I’ll do a full regiment after Shea leaves, just in case they make me super loopy. I’ll keep you updated.

Be well!

Yesterday was my 100th self injection. Easy to lose track of how long you’ve been doing it when you aren’t writing about it.

It was also the first day of Pain Management. So I am bogged down with another few prescriptions to try and cure what ails me.

As is usual for me my sleep pattern is F@%KED! I had been up since midnight the day before and only ended up sleeping 2 hours today. Unless, I fall asleep after writing this, which I highly doubt. I will try to take a nap with Shea later on today. And to think I had mom sleep over today, out of fear of being completely knocked out. More MRIs to follow on my future visits. This doctor is taking a GOOD look at my knee.

Well here’s the usual:
DAY 100 – Left Hip
A little trouble getting the needle in on the first shot. Also hit a very tender spot on the initial try so, I aborted mission and moved the injection over a bit. I’ve been feeling pretty good since starting the Copaxone injection therapy for my MS. 100 days and still walking.

Thanks for reading.
Be well!

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