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Yesterday was my 100th self injection. Easy to lose track of how long you’ve been doing it when you aren’t writing about it.

It was also the first day of Pain Management. So I am bogged down with another few prescriptions to try and cure what ails me.

As is usual for me my sleep pattern is F@%KED! I had been up since midnight the day before and only ended up sleeping 2 hours today. Unless, I fall asleep after writing this, which I highly doubt. I will try to take a nap with Shea later on today. And to think I had mom sleep over today, out of fear of being completely knocked out. More MRIs to follow on my future visits. This doctor is taking a GOOD look at my knee.

Well here’s the usual:
DAY 100 – Left Hip
A little trouble getting the needle in on the first shot. Also hit a very tender spot on the initial try so, I aborted mission and moved the injection over a bit. I’ve been feeling pretty good since starting the Copaxone injection therapy for my MS. 100 days and still walking.

Thanks for reading.
Be well!


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