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Day 101- Right Hip
The hip injections still suck! Injection site reacted badly, a welt the size of a palm. It was gone after a few hours and I’ve gotten used to the pain and itch.

Went to Cici’s Pizza today with Shea, grandma, and papa. We spent about 2 hours or so there while Shea bought Easter eggs out of the coin machine and papa ate as slow as ever. I gotta say Taco Pizza is pretty good, all it’s missing is the sour cream.

Me and Shea passed out super early tonight. I woke up this morning at around 4am and didn’t get back to sleep. So, at 6:30/7:00, after I gave Shea his bath we both passed out. Shea and I woke up about an hour ago and it looks like he’s ready to get back to sleep. I hope I can too. Mandee will be here at 9am to pick him up so I don’t want to be feeling like a character out of the Hangover. I’ll be testing the effects of my meds tomorrow, as I’ll do a full regiment after Shea leaves, just in case they make me super loopy. I’ll keep you updated.

Be well!


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