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Day 138 – Left Hip
The post-injection welts are starting to be larger and more painful. I have a few painful injection sites, even after a few weeks. The paperwork that came with the Copaxone did point out that some of the reactions would either manifest or get worse over time.

It’s been a good few weeks for me too. I finally received my Notice Of Award from Social Security Disability. My doctors and theirs found me Permanently Disabled With Low Chance Of Recovery. So my condition will be reviewed every 3 years.

I have been feeling slight improvement in my overall fatigue level and walking. I haven’t used the mobility buggy at Shop Rite, or shopping trips, in a while now. I registered for the MS Walk in 2011. After a few days of walking with me and offering encouragement, my brother offered to walk with me. And shortly after we decided to start a team for the walk.

I’m hoping that all my local friends will join or support my team, Orange You Glad We’re Walking, and walk with me and help me fund-raise for MS research.

It’s been a remarkable few years in MS medical research. The first medication specifically for help with walking was approved this year, Ampyra. The first oral disease modifying drug Galinya was also approved this year. I’ve heard and read about some severe side effects with that one and the needles with Copaxone don’t really bother me so, I don’t think I’ll be pushing to have that prescribed to me until its been on the market for a while. I’m hoping the research and FDA applications continue at the pace they have been in the years since I was diagnosed. Well it’s 6:30am, I should probably stop writing and start sleeping.

Be Well.


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