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Had an awesome day out with my son, Shea, today. Spent most of the afternoon at Chuck E Cheese, checking out their new assortment of games. Shea was a little nervous when he first saw Chuck roaming around the arcade but, he warmed up to him pretty quick and even gave him a high five.

After Chuck E Cheese’s I went to Walmart and spent a few hours shopping without the use of a mobility scooter. Anyone who’s read this blog before knows how much of an accomplishment that is. I bought a humidifier for my room, to keep Shea from coughing at night, a set of the new Dr.Scholl’s orthopedic inserts. They had the machine at Walmart they scans your feet and recommends the appropriate insert for your foot type. They really do make walking feel better.

After I dragged myself through the finish line at Walmart, I got home and quickly put them in my shoes and they REALLY WORK. Even with my feet aching from the hours spent shopping on them I felt almost immediate relief and my back didn’t tinge with each step, as usual. I love those inserts!

My marathon day didn’t end there! I spent the rest of the night cleaning out they bathroom, kitchen, Shea’s room and some of the living room. I had about 5 bags of garbage in those rooms. Granted it was mostly items Shea had broken, stopped playing with, or had just beaten up and gotten too old for. I have to thank Mandee for the thorough job in Shea’s room and the bathroom especially. Buying every Thomas and Friends train engine we could find on eBay. About 17 trains so far with 16 pending snipes. LOL.

Finally time to try and get some sleep. Tomorrow…SHEA’S FIRST VISIT TO THE DENTIST!!!!!!!!!!!

Be Well!


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