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If you handle your situation wrong. My dad would be a goner. But, you can’t dwell on being sick, and you need to surround yourself with positive people. People who support you when your feeling well and are there for you when you’re doing poorly. There’s nothing worse than being on remission having someone around saying you should be using a cane or wheelchair, when you are actually ok to walk. The same goes when you’re in an exacerbation and they tell you you’re just not trying. You have to find the right type of people. And explain to your family and friends.

Be upbeat and positive. You’re not the only one suffering with your MS. You may be the only one that HAS it but, everyone around you that truly cares about you is suffering along with you. Try to keep that in mind when you can’t do what you wanted and you’re frustrated and angry with the world. DON’T TAKE IT OUT ON THEM. I’m sure that, like my dad who is awful at dealing with or seeing me in an exacerbation, some people around you would really like to switch places with you so they wouldn’t have to watch you suffer. No one is enjoying your Multiple Sclerosis….except maybe the pharmaceutical companies.

And try and spread some awareness on MS. It may seem like everyone has MS when you are involved with or suffering with MS. The reality is on about 2.5 million people IN THE WORLD have this disease and only 400,000 in the U.S. and about 75,000 in Canada. So guess what? Multiple Sclerosis IS A RARE DISORDER. And no one really knows about it, especially people without it. There are no telethons, no “Are you living with MS?” commercials, No billboards. It’s just us and the various MS Societies. So educate yourself and when someone asks you about MS or even says something stupid like “Oh my god…how long do you have to live?” you’ll be able to educate them rather than come home and rant about it or post on an MS board about how ignorant they are.

If you’d like to help spread awareness please donate to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. They are funding education, support, and research on MS. Me and my family and friends will be doing WalkMS on April 10th, 2011 at Jersey City, NJ. Come down and cheer us on. And please show you support.



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