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Blah. Today was a good day. Despite everything including the sun working against me. Didn’t tie up all the loose ends but, worked out the tangle in the strings a bit.

Went to one court, ended up having to go to another court four blocks away, they said. We ended up walking and going back and forth a few times before I had to be put in a seat at a Filipino bakery/sweet shop. Got the strangest, yet most amazing, milk shake, crushed ice type drink. I don’t know what the hell was in it. It looked like milk, crushed ice, and then it got weird with sunflower seeds, dulce de leche, cubes of, what I think, was Jello, BEANS!, and some unclassified bean-sprout looking thing. I don’t want to dwell on it, except to convince myself it tasted good and refreshed me.

The walking, hills, and shitty sidewalks of Jersey City did NOT help with my MS. My HMO is still waiting to “pre-approve” my Copaxone, which I was on for the last 6 months. It’s always something new with these HMOs! I arrived late for my neurologist visit and with a referral from before I switched HMOs, so that Shea could continue seeing his doctor, and was told it was no good PLUS I was 30 minutes late already thanks to a flub on the appointment card. So I was rescheduled without seeing my neuro for A MONTH later.

Hopefully, I will get my meds soon. BEFORE I end up in the hospital with an exacerbation, which I’m sure won’t be covered by my HMO because I didn’t get a referral before collapsing. Yet, somehow I’m still happy and upbeat. It’s the only way to be. Not worth seething over and dwelling on every set back. I’m not being buried, I’m being planted and like a tiny seed I’ll take root and rise above it all.

Be Well! Stay positive!


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