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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Alright so I promised a blog detailing my life with MS on Copaxone. And at first I started to do that in a pretty boring way…day 1, right thigh, blah, blah. So welcome to 2011.

You ever wonder why no matter how hard you try you always end up weighing the same? I was almost 400lbs., I went nuts, I was lifting weights, and riding a stationary bike for 2 hours, at least, everyday. I got down to 280lbs. I looked at felt good about myself.

I got out of a failed relationship that I had always been afraid to lose because, HELL who wants to date a 400lb. dude. I was down to my high school weight and I was stupid and started acting like I was back in high school. And know I think about it. I gained weight, I’m 320lbs.. And I’ve never gotten any bigger in over 5 years, or any smaller for that matter damn it.

I realized, you are the way and look the weigh you were meant to be and look. I was MEANT to weigh 320lbs. No matter how hard I’ve dieted or how much I’ve eaten, I haven’t gotten over 325 or lower than like 290 or so. I was MEANT to have Multiple Sclerosis. No one else in my family could have dealt with anymore baggage in their life. I’ve been told this by my parents, and my brothers and sisters, and I believe them.

It’s not that I’m a super-man, it’s just that I’ve always been able to deal with shit. Yeah I cut myself when I was younger, and kept it hidden. And I lost my cool when I was younger and hurt others and was hurt but, looking back it was meant to be. Just like you just can’t shake some people from your life. They are meant to be. Life is a play and you can’t change the script, you can only try and do your best to act your part.

Time for my Copaxone injection, I’ll try and calculate what number I’m on later for the sadists out there.


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