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Day 270-WOW has it been that long?

Today’s shot was an adventure. Not because of anything major just because of my own stupidity. I loaded my Autoject, which I finally requested after it became too difficult to self inject my hips. Well I forgot to take the cap off the injection, so when I hit the trigger and didn’t feel anything I looked at the autojector and took the cap off. So, after watching my daily injection stream across the room like a kid’s squirt gun, I put all my equipment away til later. AND DIED LAUGHING! And tried again 6 hours later.

Today was a good day. Spent 6 hours or so with my best friend’s son and wife. It was a great day, just bullshitting and watching our kids play. They had been 1 year olds last time they saw each other. Shea was super friendly as usual. They socialized pretty well.

Oh yeah, today marked 7 days without meat for me. I decided to give vegetarianism a 2nd shot. It’s been 5 years since I started eating meat again and I’m pretty tired of it. I like the way I looked and felt a lot more when I was a vegetarian. I’m giving some serious thought to becoming a vegan again. I like the lifestyle and dedication of it.

Thanks for sitting through this and BE WELL.


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