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But, I mean I really lost a day. I remember sitting down and typing yesterdays blog. Somehow I guess it never got posted and disappeared back into the depths of my laptop. THAT’S never happened before.

Wow..Today is THE MOST DON’T EVEN WANT TO GET OUT OF BED ALL DAY LAZY DAY of the current year. The only reason I accomplished anything today was because I had an appointment with my pain management doctor. Who I must say is one of the best overall doctors I’ve had in a while. The guy doesn’t want to keep me doped up and numb and he works WITH me to figure out what meds would do me better.

I’m on Baclofen treatment right now which should help with my spacicity and help me walk without a cane. YAY!!! It’s been doing minor good so fay and we just upped the dosage. Wish us luck. I don’t have a neurologists visit til May and I’m currently in the market for a new neuro. I know the University of Medicine in Jersey has one of the best Multiple Sclerosis departments in the country but, I can’t deal with semi-annual visits. I want to be able to schedule appointments when weird shit happens.

Copaxone is going well but, I’ll have to wait for the next MRI to see how effective it’s been.. Until then I wait and see.



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