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Monday was reserved for hanging out with Shea until I had to take him home. Disaster followed that as my truck became completely useless and his mom had to come pick him up. If you’ve been following any of this over the last year, you probably still wouldn’t realize how I felt about my ex.

Apparently, I feel a lot. It was the 1st time in, I think 3 weeks, since I had seen her. And I was struck by how much I missed her. We kissed like more than friends but, less than lovers and I subconsciously made a reach for her hand. She slipped any touch, as if she was dreading the feel. And then Shea was ready to go.
and that’s pretty much when it began.

I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I had thrown away something/someone extremely important. And that’s when the flood gates opened and quite frankly they haven’t stopped since. I feel better MS wise but, I’m typing this about 36 hours later and I STILL have a tears rolling down my cheeks.


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