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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Interesting news from across the Atlantic.

Research Proving Link Between Virus And MS Could Point The Way To Treatment And Prevention.


587 Back of left arm:
Yeah I know 587 was on my blog for Tuesday, but that was actually Monday’s that I didn’t get to until 2am Tuesday morning. And my math was f#cked up because rather than daily, I’ve been injecting every other day, trying to stretch out my last refill.

Medicare card and paperwork came in the mail yesterday. Wonder how I’ll be able to budget all this. Even with medicare the monthly expense for my medication is looking like it may be in the neighborhood of $1000+ Keep your fingers crossed.

Be well

Seems I blew by injection 500, 86 nights ago! Should be 587 but, I’m trying to stretch the last few injections of Copaxone seeing as how they are the last for a while. I’ve got my application out to AssistRX and hopefully I qualify. I don’t know what options i have other than that. I don’t make enough on my disability check to cover my rent, phone, electric, food for myself and a three year-old, a monthly “High-Risk” insurance policy, and the inevitable co-pay. Our esteemed governor has decided that if you make more than $900 monthly on disability, you no longer require medicaid. Does he not know that the median rent in New Jersey is around $1000 a month, unless you live in a subsidized project, which has a 2 year plus waiting list.

I guess he’s too busy embarrassing our state with his Tony Soprano antics, campaigning for Mitt Romney. Funny, Gov.Christie comes out against “The Jersey Shore”, and then acts like a member of the cast every chance he gets. Enough…

Day 597-Back of right arm
Had to ask mom for help tonight with my injection, as I tried my best to keep the shots 2 inches from the previous weeks. I’ve been having issues with body temperature lately. Last night and tonight where 37* outdoors, my thermostat set to 65* with drafty windows and a huge draft from the A/C still in my bedroom window, and I had to place a cold towel on my head and my T-shirt collar was/is moist from sweating. I don’t know wat else to do…open a window? Oh the joys of MS.

Be well!

Thanks to the wonderful governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, my medical coverage has been cut off. I’ve been procrastinating with the application for AssistRX for much too long now. I have 7 days of Copaxone left, 3 injections left until my 500th skin piercing. Other than the occasional itchy hive or bruise, I don’t even really notice the injections anymore.

Well, i have my son tonight and don’t really have much time for blogging but, really he’s the reason I don’t just curl up and die.

Be well!

What better way to start the New Year then a poem written for a friend who was taken much to soon; a friend who forced the issue of dedication and getting your words heard/read.

Through the course of this tortured existence
I’ve given up on every dream
My heart’s been pierced by this doubt
And I’m much too weak to scream

I can’t see through the darkness
Like others seem to do
Sometimes when I’m lost in sadness
I think that I see you

But the angels won’t call my name
In this night I’ll be alone
Searching blindly for my home
The angels won’t call my name
Disappointment comes like rain
I know that I’m to blame

I think, “Will they ever know me”
Will I ever cross their mind??
Will they feel what I am saying?
Memorize my every line

I can’t see the lights above me
Like others think I should
Sometimes, lost in the moment
I really think I could

But the angels won’t call my name
In this night, I’m all alone
I can’t see through the rain
Angels won’t call my name

There’s a knock on the door
And the music fades
And the tape’s stopped running on the songs we made
I can’t see the bright lights
As we pack up all our gear
Everything I just dreamed of
Disappears into my fear

And the crowds won’t call my name
On this stage I’ll be alone
Trying to give up all this pain
But the angels won’t call my name
The music won’t ever play
Sitting quietly at home

Through the course of this tortured existance
I’ve given up on every dream……….

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