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I was sitting here mourning the fact I hadn’t won the $640million Mega Millions when The Rachel Maddow show reported on parades welcoming home our troops from Iraq.And I realized we haven’t honored the returning troops in NYC. I mean there is a reason it’s called the CANYON OF HEROES. So I started a petition to get an Iraq and Afghanistan ticker tape parade for our troops. join the cause. 

I know some will argue we’re still in Afghanistan but, in WW2 we held a victory parade for Europe and then one for victory in Japan. Where’s our patriotic spirit now? Where’s our respect for the sacrifice of the troops even if we aren’t patriotic? MS has taken a lot from me but, it asn’t taken my national pride, and it’s not about pride of the politics of government that run our nation. It’s pride in the people that live and sometimes choose to die for our nation.


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