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Monthly Archives: August 2012

I figured it was about time I gave the world a new post.

Day # I’ve lost track too many times to try counting but, I’ll figure it all out FYI someday.

Belly shot. You’d think with the risk of Lipotrophy (permanent destruction of subcutaneous fat cells) I’d lose this damn gut already. Wishful thinking aside I’m doing much better. I’ve been walking and playing with my son normally since mid April.

My friend spoke to a rehab therapist about Vestibular Rehabilitation for me. And, it turned out THAT was her specialty. Called to get applications from my state transit’s ParaTransit service and I spoke with my doctor about being certified for alternative medicine.

The last bit was brought about by the recent death of a childhood friend. That and my sleep apnea have made me deathly afraid of taking any painkillers where it states on the label that it MAY SUPPRESS RESPIRATION

I’ve learned that MS actually does make me different than other people. I DON’T put on my pants like everyone else; one leg at a time. I’m usually laying in bed when I put my pants on BOTH legs at once 😛

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