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Monthly Archives: December 2012

 Already the gun lobby and GOP are sending e-mails(I signed up as a GOP supporter) warning that the Obama administration is looking to take away our right to bear arms. It’s obvious that any meaningful gun control or limitations are going to be fought and will be changed, repealed, or left to expire; just like Obama himself let the Clinton Era Assault weapons Ban EXPIRE in 2004. The only change that would be permanent or more difficult to just sign away would be an amendment to the US Constitution. Please sign this and make in a message from Americans that we support gun control, not a gun ban. That we don’t need 100 round clips in assault weapons to protect ourselves or hunt. I’ve never been taught how to shoot by anyone except Nintendo and the one time I went to a range I put 9 shots center mass out of a REGULAR capacity clip. If you need 100 round clip you need to practice more or go back to playing Duck Hunt.

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