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Day 278- Went well injection-wise. Loaded up my auto-ject and easily injected the back of my arm.
Had a pretty bad day overall. Started to lose the strength in my elbows doing some light exercise. Then almost lost my knees in the shower. I barely made it out of the shower, pretty much became a wet noodle.

After some relaxation, that didn’t return any of my strength it was time for dinner. The pizza I ordered from, the newly opened Pizza Hut, never arrived today. It was 55 minutes for the normal wait and after 75 minutes I called them back up and discovered the order had NEVER been placed! The person I spoke to the 2nd time offered to expedite the order. They’d have it ready in a half hour. I said no thanks, I’ll order from Domino’s.

So, approximately 20 minutes later we were all eating Domino’s pizza.

Finally, a happy ending.

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