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Day 284 – Back of the left arm

Today was a good day. Well a good day other than the forced realization that I had been such an asshole during the last 7 years, that I had quite a few people, including myself, very disappointed in me. And letting me know about it. Let me tell you, once life has dealt you a disappointing hand…you really don’t want to be part of dealing disappointments to others. Especially if you cared about them at all. Or you can be a vile bastard and think; “Fuck everyone else. God is fucking me so, fuck them!” And those are the same people you see in their last days, sitting in a nursing home, dying alone, where even the people taking care of them don’t care if they die because they’ve held on to the bastard they let themselves become the day they got the raw deal.

I opt for the latter. I hope that people can see that and I hope they can see the sincerity in my regret.

OK enough of that. Thank you Debbie for donating to the MS WALK. YAY!!! The donation goal is quickly being reached as we get to the final day. Of course, I can deliver my donations at any point to the North Jersey Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, in Paramus NJ. It just won’t go towards my 2011 Walk MS goal. But it all goes to help MS survivors and funding research. I’m happy either way. And I feel like I’m paying off some karmic debt since that’s the only debt I have enough money to pay off.

Stay Well, Be well, Live Life With No Regrets!!!

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