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If you can keep your eyes open for longer then 10 minutes or so at a time and your not being asked if you’re OK every time they are open. I have Multiple Sclerosis, of course I’m OK. It’s only a chronic, incurable, debilitating, auto-immune disease of the Central Nervous System. Everything about knowing that your own body is trying to put a stop to you, is just fucking OK. But, I digress, my day didn’t start off this way.

I woke up 2 hours after I fell asleep and then when I had just started to fall asleep again, my little boy tapped me on the head and said “Daddy??” So that was how my Saturday morning began. Tired as hell, the worse migraine EVER, and 10 50mg Prednisone pills for breakfast. And let’s not even talk about the skyrocketing blood sugar levels of over 450 that come with mass dosing of steroids. But what’s the risk of sugar shock and death when compared to keeping some of your CNS control? And on that end it seems to be working as I have regained strength and control of my left leg exponentially.

Afternoon went well, my friend and the kids came over to spend some time with my little guy, who loved every second of their visit. Unfortunately I couldn’t really keep my eyes open for a lot of it. I’m glad my parents where there to keep them company because, I was a shitty host. 2 hours sleep and the meds did not a great host make. Thankfully, my friends are good friends and stuck around to keep me and the little guy company. They even called my pharmacist and doctors to ask about my elevated blood sugar. Needless to say I stayed home despite the advice and desires of all involved.

I had a good day, despite the set backs, my son had a great day, as always. The Rangers made the playoffs, the Mets won tonight, finally. And my parents stopped trying to get me to go to the hospital. All is well in the world. Now if this fucking headache would just lighten up a little.

Be well, stay well, no regrets.


Day 278- Went well injection-wise. Loaded up my auto-ject and easily injected the back of my arm.
Had a pretty bad day overall. Started to lose the strength in my elbows doing some light exercise. Then almost lost my knees in the shower. I barely made it out of the shower, pretty much became a wet noodle.

After some relaxation, that didn’t return any of my strength it was time for dinner. The pizza I ordered from, the newly opened Pizza Hut, never arrived today. It was 55 minutes for the normal wait and after 75 minutes I called them back up and discovered the order had NEVER been placed! The person I spoke to the 2nd time offered to expedite the order. They’d have it ready in a half hour. I said no thanks, I’ll order from Domino’s.

So, approximately 20 minutes later we were all eating Domino’s pizza.

Finally, a happy ending.

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