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This can mean what you want, to whom you want. I just find it necessary to my peace of mind to make it visible to the world. If it’s never read at least I’ll know that I made it plain for all to see.

Redemption by Harry Mora
There was never anything for me to see
Only words I thought were fantasy
But, over the years I’ve come to realize
All words have a reality

As I write and draw from life’s intricacy
I’ve come to feel what I could never see
I cursed the divine for struggle through this life
And wallowed in my misery
But, I was assisted through all that strife
Somehow turned pain to creativity

My dreams of death, unfulfilled
I cut for blood and death
My excoriating hands were stilled
and I continue to draw breath

I know in me was not the strength
These thoughts still bring me pain
Somehow my hands found restraint
Words and tears, not blood became the rain

The pain I’ve caused
The innocence lost
Both in me and around
Seem an insult to the life I’ve found

I turned, a stain on my soul
Became what I hated and grew so cold
Let chemicals and pain be my fuel
Used others’ emotions as a tool

Abused spirits as mine had been done
Viewed every person as a battle to be won
Uncaring, unfeeling I lived my days
Diving through lives as the villain, I played

Forgive and forget the person you knew
Try to accept that THIS person is true
With open heart lead me to unreachable heights
With love restore my sight

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